What we do

Synapp specialise in creating web based computer programs for anyone who wants to become more efficient by streamlining their current manual business or organizational processes. We produce simple, small programs that can be completed in weeks or major multi-year, fluid projects that require continuous development, administration and technical support.

How we do it

Through our proven process of agile software development we approach and work on a project one sequential section at a time. This approach delivers a usable computer system right from the start of the development process. As we progress we are able to add more of the functionality suited to your specific needs. As a client you are able to realise benefits straight away and see exactly what you are paying for as you go. You are able to evaluate the return on investment on a month by month basis and change the project direction if needed due to industry, legislation or market changes. Our process means that you are in control every step of the way. You can see that the project is delivering both what you want, and what you need with no hidden surprises.

Introducing My Moolah

Easy to use web based invoicing.